Carpe Terram

CARPE TERRAM is the organization formed at the end of Healers, the first book in the Carpe Terram Trilogy. The name is Latin, and it means Seize the Earth.

In the book, the year is 2030 and Carpe Terram’s founders are all carriers of a special gene that gives them the ability to influence their actions and surroundings through visualization. They decide to use their genetic abilities for the good of humanity.

But ultimately, I believe Carpe Terram could, and should, exist in today’s society. Our civilization has reached a crossroads, and the path it chooses will define the next centuries. This world could become one where a few privileged have control over all available resources, and the masses become increasingly impoverished and oppressed. Or it could become a world where nations pool their resources and offer the opportunity of a decent, free life to all.

Carpe Terram’s mission is simple, yet not easy: to bring all human beings on a leveled plane, where they have an opportunity to reach their human potential. It doesn’t claim that evil will stop existing, but it does aim to make evil a marginalized entity, rather than the ruling class. It aims for everyone to have access to food, healthcare, and information. Simply put, Carpe Terram stands for compassion and freedom.

It is my intention to set up a separate Carpe Terram home in the future, where people around the globe can get involved and make the world a better place for everyone. For now, I welcome your comments right here.

I’ll leave you with the first part of the Carpe Terram Manifesto that appears in Healers:






Fellow citizens of the world, the time has come for us to shed the chains of political abuse and criminal interests. The time has come for us to take back our world and make it a place where there’s no war, or hate, or starvation. Where we all have the chance to live the life we were given in dignity and happiness.

Carpe Terram is a global organization built on the power of the people. Our mission is to fight for those who can’t fight for themselves and bring the world back from the brink of disaster. There are almost eight billion of us on Earth, but only a few are making decisions for everyone else and wasting our resources. A corrupt few.

It’s time we made our own decisions.

It’s time we took back our lives.

It’s time we fought for the future of our children.

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