Write A Story With Me – Part 75 – The Other Woman

Looking at the High Council’s faces, Yoran knew he had said too much when he revealed his true beliefs, but it was too late to take it back. He’d figure out a way to get out of trouble, he always did, he thought, and prepared himself to appease the High Council once more. Besides, The President would never act against him. That, he could count on.

“As for you… Protector Sumner, we are all concerned about the direction your philosophy has taken lately. While we all agree democracy is not a system we would ever encourage, openly admitting you see yourself as a dictator is rather difficult to hear. Because that would render us all quite useless, don’t you think?”

The President, Madam Serrano, watched Yoran closely, looking for a reaction that would seal the Council’s decision. She was a beautiful woman in her early forties, and had known Yoran since their youth. Rumor had it they had been sweethearts during their teenage years, and their fathers had been best friends before a mysterious fall-out brought a bitter end to their relationship. But nobody knew the truth for sure, since all the records of their lives had been long gone. And nobody dared ask either one of them.

“Madam Serrano… I apologize, perhaps I misstated my position. I find the council’s direction invaluable, and always will. What I meant to say was that in the context of my ship, it’s imperative that I maintain a tight grip on the entire operation. Especially on the crew. Lax rules will lead to chaos. And I know that the Council is the most dedicated defender against chaos.”

The High Council exchanged glances, then Madam Serrano received subtle nods from her fellow members. She hid a smile by biting her lips for a second, then she looked straight at Yoran and spoke with a resounding voice.

“Indeed, Protector, we are. Yet it seems that chaos has been following you around lately, despite our best attempts to curb it. So it’s time we took more drastic measures.”

She stood up, towering even higher over Yoran, who was trying hard to maintain a pleasant smile and not clench his jaws.

“Beginning today, Sir, I will oversee the mission to defeat the Fae. And you will be working for me.”

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