Nice To Meet You, Dear Reader

There’s more to this life, I tell myself every day. An odd statement, because by most people’s standards, I have a pretty great life. And I’m very grateful for it. But every day that I spend doing something other than writing books is a day that’s missing the spark. The one that makes you dance like nobody’s watching and all that jazz.

This site is a hub for my writing life. By day I’m a pretty successful “business professional;” by night, by weekend, and by every spare moment, my soul comes out to play, and I write, I write, I write. I’m a writer baby, and there’s no denying it.

So thank you, Dear Reader, for doing me the great kindness of giving my words a shot. In a world where everyone has something to say, it’s hard to know whose words to bother reading. That you have decided to spend even a few seconds with me is a great honor and privilege.

And perhaps, once you’re done visiting my blog, you’ll take one more minute and check out my first novel, Healers. You don’t have to commit, you can just download the free preview and decide if it’s your cup of tea…

Carpe Terram to you.


And Now,

Please Meet Karina Vega

She saves lives and then jumps off buildings. She’s a rock on the outside yet plagued by secret insecurities. She’s beautiful but she doesn’t really know it. She wants to be loved but she won’t allow it to happen.

And she thinks she’s reached the peak of her existence at the age of thirty.

But the Universe has other plans for Karina Vega. Bigger, bolder plans, that will turn her life upside down in a matter of seconds. It’s nothing supernatural, mind you. No lightning flash, no witch’s curse, no alien intervention. It’s just science; a gene she’s always carried finally comes into play. And now she’s able to perform miracles outside the operating room. Miracles that put her in danger’s way, make her question her sanity, and push her heart’s limits.

Genetics favor some and punish others. Karina Vega still doesn’t know which end of the stick she’s got. But she’s willing to find out.

And Nicolas Aragon is willing to teach her. If only he could do it on his terms. But even he cannot control the wheel of destiny; because when destiny brings Peter King to Karina’s proverbial doorstep, there’s just so much Nicolas can do to stop its plan. And so their journey begins. Tanzania, India, China, Cuba, and beyond. At each step, another decision, another lesson, another piece of the puzzle.

But ultimately, it boils down to this: Karina Vega saves other people’s lives. Now she needs to decide if her own life is worth saving. But why save it, if the only option she’ll have will be to give it right back to the world?

Karina Vega is the heroine of Healers, the first installment in the Carpe Terram Trilogy. If you’d like to know more about her, enter her world